Reflections on Glyn and Brenda’s final visit March 2017


Meeting and saying goodbye to an old friend… Sebastian

March 2017 was the last time that Glyn and Brenda visited Kamuli to undertake VVF surgery. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone but Glyn having retired from his consultant post in the UK triggered that decision. It didnt seem fair to operate in Uganda once or twice a year without working in the UK in between.

Dr Ian Asiimwe from Hoima, who we had all worked with in Mubende, joined us and the hope is that he will be part of our ongoing team in Kamuli. He has a great deal of experience and is very competent. It’s great to be working with Ugandan colleagues. One of Glyn’s consultant colleagues, Honest Honest, from the UK also came to see what we had been doing out in Uganda and learn some of the techniques involved.

We operated on over 20 patients and the outcomes seemed good. When you have been going for so long changes happen bit by bit and its not until you stop and take stock that they come into focus……. the changes in staff, new ward, new accommodation, the sad deterioration in the convent building, new (but very noisy!) air-conditioning in theatre….. the list goes on. The changes in Kamuli and Uganda with continued development, new roads and building has been very noticeable at each visit as well.

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Unfortunately Sebastian, our faithful anaesthetic nurse for so many years, has been very ill. We were so glad that he has recovered and were able to meet him. I think now rather like Prince Philip he has earned his retirement.

At the end of the week the hospital laid on a leaving party and we were both presented with beautiful plaques and certificates to mark our retirement. We were both touched and will treasure them as a constant reminder of very happy and rewarding times.

Its sad to leave but we both have many many happy memories of really rewarding experiences and wouldn’t have missed our times helping the women of Uganda for anything.

We do hope that someday we might be able to return to Uganda and Kamuli as visitors to meet up again and see how things have developed further.

A special thanks to Sr Rose and her team of nurses, Dr Andrew and Fr Emmanuel for organising things, the UVP team (Loy and Hatika) and especially Dr Moses for looking after our patients so well.